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LS Sales


The proposed solution is a product of SFA (Sales Force Automation) class used for supporting and automatizing work of company’s Sales Departments generating the sales of products through the chain of sales representatives. An employee equipped with a mobile terminal in the form of a device of Pocket PC class has an access to a number of valuable services and modules such as:

  • current list of products with its description, price list an discounts
  • the possibility for placing orders, which are registered in the System immediately after receiving them
  • the possibility for analyzing sales figures of individual sales representatives
  • a module of easy-to-use pools, not only for the sales representative but also for the Client, designed to submit vital information about the market

The above-mentioned services as well as other available ones within the System result from the thorough analysis of the client’s needs.

Modules of LS Sales

  • Products - management of the products database
  • Clients – management of the clients database
  • Orders – creation and edition of orders
  • Schedule – designing and amending schedules, the possibility for controlling their realization
  • Pools – designing and amending pools enabling to gather information on a selected topic e.g. client satisfaction evaluation
  • Payments - management of the client’s payments
  • Notebook - a module enabling to collect data on the sales representative’s work e.g. expenses on fuel


Few screenshots from application (Polish language version)


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