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LS Service


LS Service is aimed at all the entrepreneurs running their businesses on the service market or those with their own Service Departments seeking tools to improve the quality of Customer Service and making their own companies more efficient.

LS Service enables:

  • the electronic circulation of documents and the control of service activity with the use of mobile devices by field engineers
  • the management of spare parts repository owned by field engineers, the control of spare parts distribution – issuing and transferring spare parts between field engineers etc.
  • the inventory of the serviced equipment at the Client’s Head Office including the model of equipment and an access to technical specifications etc.
  • the time sheet of the field engineers, the use of company cars as well as other incurred expenses

The above-mentioned services as well as other available ones within the System result from the thorough analysis of the client’s needs.

Modules of LS Service

  • Clients - management of the clients database
  • Field Engineers – management of field engineers database
  • Orders – creation and edition of service orders
  • Repository – management of the spare parts repository by field engineers
  • Pools – designing and amending pools enabling to gather information on a selected topic e.g. periodic account of technical condition of the serviced equipment
  • Notebook - a module enabling to keep a record on the field engineer performance i.e. expenses on fuel, motorways

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