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LS Transport


LS Transport is aimed at the companies offering transport services with their own vehicle fleet or those making use of other carriers. The main objectives of the System are:

  • to improve the circulation of information between the Head Office of the company and the vehicles rendering the service
  • to optimize the usage of the vehicle fleet
  • to control the routes and the drivers’ performance

LS Transport can either act independently or can be a supplement of the System already in use to manage transport services in the company efficiently and effectively.

Modules of LS Transport

  • Orders - creation and edition of transport orders
  • Drivers – management of drivers database
  • Vehicles – management of vehicles database
  • Pools – designing and amending pools enabling to gather information on a selected topic e.g. a day-to-day control of vehicles
  • Notebook – a module enabling to keep a record on the drivers performance i.e. expenses on fuel, motorways, frontier crossing


Few screenshots from application (Polish language version)


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