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Mobile system components

The main element of the system is the server which offers its services to the users via two types of terminals:

  • WWW terminals – via a web browser the users in the company manage data concerning transport services performed, which is immediately filled in by the drivers via mobile terminals
  • mobile terminals – via a mobile device the drivers communicate with the system and update a number of information facilitating the efficient company management. Communication is established via GPRS service of the mobile network operators. In case of the need to use the operators’ GSM services abroad, there is a possibility for communicating via SMS.

Mobile terminals

  • smartphone - a device PDA type with the integrated GSM telephone
  • palmtop - a device PDA type interconnected with the GSM telephone via Bluetooth module
  • mobile phone – in the future it is planned to use a mobile phone as a mobile terminal
  • industrial terminal (LS Transport) – is a device installed in the cab of the vehicle. Its advantage, over other terminals, is the larger working area of the screen, the possibility for connecting the external devices as well as greater resistance to outside conditions

Option implementation of the system

Our mobile products are available in two options:

  • ASP – a product in the function of a service, where IT structure is located in the Head Office of the service provider. The users of the System have an access to the system via mobile terminals as well as the web site. Undeniably, the advantage of this option is low original costs – namely, the absence of necessity to invest in server infrastructure and to employ IT specialists, and, above all, technical assistance provided within the price of the service
  • OnSite – IT infrastructure is entirely located in the Head Office of the Client. The advantage of the option is the complete absence of monthly payment as well as smooth integration with the systems in the Client’s Head Office

The main members of the LS mobile products family are: