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LS Communication Server (internal project)


LS Communication Server is a system prepared for communication with systems and inserting data into database. This system has two main components. The first one is called Recv. It parses the XML data and feeds it to the database. The latter is called Send. It retrieves the data from the database, formats it in XML and sends to other systems

Technical details:

  1. System is written in C++ (Borland C++ Builder)
  2. Communication protocol is based on XML
  3. The database layer is separated from system logic which enables the usage of different database systems
  4. The system has five distinct logging levels. It facilitates the identification of the failure sources.

Features of solution:

  1. it facilitates the integration of multiple systems or services
  2. it may be a central part of a distributed system
  3. with help of LS Communication Server /you can easily feed a data warehouse

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