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Geomarketing system for Axonactive AG


Project goals:

The main purpose of the system is to process geographical and statistical data. The resulting dataset can be accessed in several ways:

  • Thematic map displayed as an overlay on the top of Google map with an option to export to PDF files
  • data in CSV or Excel files
  • Statistical charts and graphs

The web-based user interface has the following features:

  • Step-by-step wizard to facilitate the creation of data analysis reports
  • Language version support
  • The system is fed with data from the input files delivered by the user
  • Past analyses are saved in analysis history and stored in the database
  • Each user can save personal configuration settings
  • The system has a geocoder module which translates input addresses into geographical position

Technical details:

  1. The system uses PostgreSQL database management system
  2. Main logic of the system is based on stored procedures inside PostgreSQL database. Procedures are written in PL/pgSQL and C++
  3. Interface to the system is based on Xpert.ivy BPM system
  4. The system uses Javascript Google API to display geographical data over Google content
  5. Overlay content is generated by UMN Mapserver software which uses ESRI Shapefile layers as input
  6. Layers are generated as tiles using OGC WMS request
  7. System is deployed on Apache Web Server

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