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Map integration for Orlen Gaz (pilot project)


Project goals:

Orlen Gaz is a company delivering liquid gas to the gas stations. The aim of the project was to integrate different spatial data sources into one Decision Support System (DSS):

  • Four distinct GPS monitoring systems were used by transport companies making deliveries for Orlen Gaz.
  • The telemetric system reads gas tanker levels and sends it to the server.

There were 3 scenarios created for the purpose of this pilot project:

  1. To display the percentage of order completion on the map:
    1. Showing percentage of realization regarding the planned route.
    2. Graphical information about gas level in tanker with 3 states:
      1. red – alarm level
      2. orange – warning level
      3. green – normal level
  2. To provide easy access to the tanker data. When the user selects ((clicks on)) an object on the map, the corresponding information is displayed.
  3. To detect unauthorized tanker filling. If the gas level in the tanker changed without Orlen Gaz having done the delivery, an alarm goes off. This means that an unauthorized third party made the delivery.

Technical details:

  • The map engine is similar to Google Maps Javascript map engine.
  • The information exchange was performed by LS Communication Server.
  • MySQL was used as an Database Management System (DBMS)

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