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LS Transport for Klacska Polska, LLC


Project goals:

The main goal of this project was to improve the communication between tanker drivers and the management system located at the company’s head office. Drivers receive orders on their PDA devices immediately after a dispatcher's approval. Then they report back via the PDA upon completion of each phase of the order. It provides the management staff with an up-to-date information about delivery status.
The mobile system was integrated with other systems used at Klacska:

  1. The main integration was made with an ERP system used at Klacska group. Information exchange was based on a custom made XML protocol. All information was input only once and copied by this protocol in both directions
  2. Thanks to a connection with an on-board computer system (Siemens VDO) various information about the delivery process was available, e.g. GPS position, defined events and alarms. This data is used by the report module to generate a set of reports which improved the safety of subsequent deliveries.
  3. The driver has access to the survey system. It was created for reporting information according to pre-defined questions, e.g. about vehicle and driver status.

Technical details:

  1. The main part of the system was LS Communication Server written in C++ (Borland C++ Builder).
  2. System uses Microsoft SQL Database Server.
  3. System uses thin client logic based on a web browser. The client part is created with the Form Wizard. The Form Wizard is an internal project prepared for fast and easy interface creation. The interface configuration and logic is stored in a database and can be modified without any changes in the application source code.
  4. The mobile application was created using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 in the C++ programming language.
  5. The mobile part uses an SQLite database which is synchronized with the main system database at specified time intervals or in response to defined triggers.
  6. Communication between the mobile part and the communication server uses GPRS connection.

Screen shots:

Few screenshots from application (Polish language version)


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